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A strong culture is the solid foundation needed to achieve your organization’s goals. Often, the root cause of dysfunction on your team isn’t obvious. Measuring employee engagement and loyalty is almost impossible. Our free, confidential culture survey uncovers the causes of the internal issues that are holding your company back and allows only you to view the results. Sign up to get started.

The 3PHASE Business Advisors proprietary ACHIEVE More Culture Survey will tell you if you have:

Employee Engagement: An engaged team contributes their best to a shared goal. They want to grow with the company because they believe in the value of the work.

Accountability: Commitments, clarity and communication are the building blocks of accountability. A smart accountability process keeps everything moving smoothly.

Team & Trust: Having the right people in the right roles is key to having an A-level team. When problems arise, you’ll be able to solve them together in an open, honest, and respectful environment.

Purpose & Values: In a company with strong purpose and values, everyone believes in the “why” and “how” you go about your business. Important decisions are always tied back to these key shared beliefs.

Vision: A clear, shared vision of the long-term goals and what it will take to get there results in a team that will proactively work together to achieve them.

When you’re weak in one of these areas, you may feel like you’re spinning your wheels… and you can’t put your finger on why. This free culture survey is designed to uncover the reasons you may not be achieving your goals as quickly as you’d like.

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